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February 28, 2007



I brought plastic and acrylic straight needles and bamboo circular needles in my carry-on bag back in May. I fly from Birmingham to Charlotte then Raleigh. They didn't have a prob with it. I brought a clover yarn cutter pendant. It is circular shaped with grooves looks almost like a schawstica symbol but it has more grooves and it is pretty. I wore it around my neck and they didn't care. They thought it was just a cool necklace. Hobby Lobby or Michaels and most LYS carry them. They are super cool looking. I just wouldn't bring aluminum or metal needles just to be safe. They may take them away from ya. Every security guard is different. I almost had one at a hospital confiscate mine only because when he asked me if I was carrying any weapons I asked "Do knitting needles count?" I just had to you know?


Hey there! As far as what you are allowed to bring and not bring on the plane... check here
I brought my knitting with me and had no issues in July and Dec. Perhaps print out the list in case some TSA patrol tries to tell you that they are not allowed.
Happy Air Knitting!

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