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October 08, 2007



I live in a really small town too and I know what it's like to try and put something behind you only to have it lurking around every corner. It's really tough when you just want to move on but even innocent things like going to the grocery store can be filled with landmines of annoying people/things that actively try to drag you back into the pit. Stay strong.


Being single is hard - I'm there myself. Sometimes I can't figure out how I missed the relationship boat. But I keep trying to make my life what I need it to be in order to be happy. Some days it just wears me out!


I really hope things get better for you. Ex's can be such a pain. I had one that used to drunk dial me every weekend from Air Force tech school. I finally had to threaten to call his superior officer. :( I hope you find a way to make your ex go away and leave you alone.

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