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February 24, 2008



Hi Friend, How ya been?

Sorry for being so MIA im feelin like shite lately and schools just a complete dragON!

That said I still havent sent out that book to you sorry :( I promise one day before I die! hahaah

Miss you hoping all is well and that your bday was smashing (Two months later)


I have to ask...where did you go and who did it...cause I know alot of tattoo artists in the SAV area


FUCK YES! Love that tattoo!!


Nice tat! Happy belated.... Your background is like my birthday project bag from a couple of years ago....

erika~ inspire mama musings

nope, not old at all! i just turned 34 a couple months ago :)

I love, love, LOVE your knit girl tattoo! i have an appt. to get new ink tomorrow WHEE!!!


We are not old! I turned 34 a couple of weeks ago! 35 is the new 25! LOL

Love the ink. That's what I got myself for my birthday too. Then two weeks later, I went and got more!

M Ward

First of all, ADORE the tattoo. If I keep up with my knitting at the same pace I am now, I'll have one soon enough.

Second, there is a song called "It Girl" which I now have stuck in my head, modified to "Knit girl."


Happy Birthday, girl!


Girl your tattoo looks amazing. The colors alone are fabulous and the tattoo itself just rocks. I love it.

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