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February 06, 2008



That corset is just the hottest thing. I love the way the shaping is done!

There's this lime green one on Ravelry that I am in Love with. Rawr.


Where ya going for your birthday? Are you going to the Jinx on Congress St.? Is the Jinx even there still? If you go and see that guy Whiskey Dick tell him Los Angeles Emily with the Glasses says HI!


Ah, yes, corporate life. It does leave much to be desired. We just had lay-offs on Friday. Luckily my job was “saved”, I guess, depending on the way you look at it. I can’t really complain, it does put yarn on the table. ;)

Adorable cat! So far I have been lucky with our cat as he has not found anything interesting with my yarn. He has found a lot of other things interesting, plants, wooden banisters and carpet. Haha!

It’ was good catching up! TTFN!


I cant wait to see your new tattooooo!
Love your kitty and your hat, is rockin!
How could it not be?
xo Me

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