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My name is Rhonda Adams and I moved from Atlanta to this crappy town Savannah six years ago, I stay for my job and nothing else. I just believe that I'm just different than others here. I have been through a divorce with a guy that I'm still really great friends with and dated a guy that totally broke my heart and helped build the great wall of Rhonda. Now I try to do things just for me and have fun doing it. That is why I took up knitting a year and a half ago, so I could have a mental break from my cheating ex-boyfriend which I know now will never ever change. Enough about men... Have have two great cats: Trixie my little goofy girl and Rufus my sweet little(big 20lbs) baby that is attached to my hip all the time. I just turned 33 and refuse to grow up. I will continue to color my hair until it falls out or I die cause I will never know when I turn grey! All my Love to my friends and family that made it all possible. I'm going to disneyland!!!


knitting, computers, sex, shopping, reading everything, Lost