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Great now you can show love to your friend by tattoos.

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I am looking for crochet tattoos too!

Ben Cliff

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Ah okay! I'll subscribe to your new blog!

James Ferris

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Im having an addiction to questions.
1. if you could get a quote tattooed on you what would it be?!
2. What kinda tattoo do you wanna get?!
3. Can you look up a tattoo that you really like?! and put it in here.
4. what is your dream tattoo?!
thts just bored and was just asking. thank you!!

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I am look for a train track pattern for knitting or crocheting...for a tattoo?
i cant seam to find anything that will work for my (it is for a tattoo) if you could help me find somethings i would really appreciate it

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I am interested that knitting and tattoos go together in some peoples worlds. I think that's awesome.

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Awesome Blog! Have you gotten on the TattoosOn the tattoo social network yet.

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I am dying to get more tats. I only have one, but I'm planning my next few... LOL

Next is on my left inside forearm.


Great tat's but I am looking for crochet tat's. Does anyone have a clue?

Holly Burnham

While I probably wouldn't do it....I'm strangelt fasinated by them.


Really great looking tattoos!!

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